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Full Version: 2024 May Monthly Contest
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[Image: attachment.php?aid=749] Hello Online Sequencer! Given the previous circumstances this month, it's time to re-announce the 2024 May Monthly Contest theme! For this month, all entries must have their notes constrained to only two octaves! Markers are allowed, and you get choose the two octaves.

General Information
The entry period is from 5/1 ~ 5/21 (11:59 PM EST). Winners will be announced on 5/31/2024!

While we will post general notes on every contest, please refer to the Monthly Contest announcement thread for more details on Monthly Contests themselves.
  • Entry limit of 2 sequences per person.
  • Committee members are allowed to enter the contests, but will not enter their example sequence nor will they vote for their own entry.
  • Sequences made prior to the current Monthly Contest are allowed, although entering the same sequence in different Monthly Contests is not. If you are unsure about whether or not you have entered a sequence in a previous monthly contest, a list of all the sequences that have been entered into previous monthly contests can be found here.
  • Making a remix of an existing song is allowed.
  • Editing an entry after the entry period is strictly prohibited and will result in that entry being disqualified.
  • Collaborations on entries are allowed, but any points that the piece might receive are divided up equally between the contributors. You cannot "collaborate" with alt accounts. Abusing alts to circumvent the 2 entries per person rule is not allowed.
  • Entries that are collaborations should not be posted on a shared alt account. They should be posted to the account of one of the collaborators. You cannot enter a sequence on another account's behalf.
  • The standard Online Sequencer Rules will apply and any entries violating a rule will automatically be disqualified.
I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with. Good luck to you all!

How i used an instrument to make good
Yikes, I only get 12 days
Does "two octaves" mean, say, from C2 to C4, or C2 to B3?
From what I understand all the placed notes must fit within the octaves but we can use detune to extend that, is that correct? Or is it where every tone must fit within the 2 octaves regardless of detune or where the notes are placed, so like Concert Harp would need to be moved down below something like sawtooth since the recordings are an octave higher?
Do drums count for notes? Cause I might be borked if they do.
(05-09-2024, 01:41 PM)Yeonk Wrote: [ -> ]Do drums count for notes? Cause I might be borked if they do.

It'd be good for me if they do
From what I understand they do count as notes

This is my entry, I hope it does well!
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