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Full Version: Do you use any other music making sites/programs?
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Just wondrin'.
I use OS for drafting out the composition of the music since I can see all the instruments as a whole. Although I can complain how you can't make individual layers, you can still select all of one instrument and tweak that. It's all going to be nicely separated once you put it into a midi-editing software.

My VST is Studio One for extending the note length and changing the velocities, as well as mid-song tempo changes. I can add more natural sounds at this point, eventually turning the draft into the final product. My only problem is that my outcome is noticeably quieter than everyone else's products, and I don't know how to fix that. At least I find the program relatively user-friendly.

If needed, I just use Audacity for the fades, like if I'm labeling something a [WIP] and I don't want to cut it short abruptly. Other than that, I don't know what else to use it for.

What do you use if I may ask?
You can check everyone's answers, but I'll say here anyway. I use Musescore and Noteflight for direct sheet music transcribing. I use FL studio for editing OS stuff. I use Auxy (the best and easiest mobile music making app, super powerful yet insanely simple) for my normal songs on Soundcloud (check mine out!).

Musescore link is

Soundcloud link is

Other Musescore accounts are and

I also use a website called HookTheory to get chord progressions, some transcribing stuff, and limited composing until I get pro. I linked hooktheory chord progressions in the chat in case anyone wants to use it, and I based my most recent song off of a chord progression found on the site.

This is basically free advertising, but if you have any type of mobile device that can download apps from Google Play or the App Store, I seriously recommend getting Auxy. It has insane functionality for such an easy app to use. Tutorial makes it even better, and there are in app purchases getting made with professional sounds, like the recent one with piano sounds from this dude who made stuff for Grammy winners.

Hope this helped!
I currently have Domino and Aria Maestosa. The problem with Domino though is that the language is set to Japanese and plenty of question marks.