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Full Version: This is Morse/TargetBall My main account got hacked. Help
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Title says all. I don't. Think I set strong enough of a password lol
Please help this is the only social media i like using
jssplug '';;;g
I don't know if new threads can be created by new accs but I'm trying here so lmk on my twitter. @themorsehorse
Recover it.
(05-13-2024, 12:03 PM)Luna-the-Dynacat Wrote: [ -> ]Recover it.

How do I do that.
Please what od I do
idfk recover the password ask a mod to recover password
I shot Lopyt a message already no Reply.
Ask a moderator about it
try and log in after a few incorrect passwords it will ask to reset a link will be sent to your email(if its still connected)
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