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Hi, my name is ctr34 and i like creating sequences from . Is one of my favorite hobbies.

This free online software have a lot of instruments but i mainly focus on the piano and the percussions.
I recorded my sequence in a MP3 format and then I uploaded it to
This is my first OST uploaded for . It has a few sound errors but is a good BGM.
Maybe I will start uploading more songs of my creation if everything goes OK. Feel free to give feedback. If I selected the wrong genre please tell me. I hope you enjoy.

Now, this is the link of my creation:

ctr34 - Summer Battleground:

P.D: Sorry if i made some grammar mistakes, i dont speak english.
If you want to know the sequence used for my song, here it goes:

Be careful, ONLY if your computer cant read properly the sequence try this simple trick:
1. Press the "Play" button.
2. Inmediately open a empty new window on google chrome or simply watch your desk background. What i m trying to say is that you musnt watch any kind of animation while the sequence is playing, for example the vertical blue line passing through a sequence because it makes lag.

This song have 5510 notes, so thats why i m making the advice. I encourage you to listen the song in the Newgrounds page because it has better sound and the percussions dont sound too low, but if you want to listen it on OnlineSequencer is OK for me.
Well, I took a break from doing my own sequences and I made a sequence of a song from other artist. If you played Burnout Dominator (PS2) or Burnout Paradise (PS3) you probably know this song. Is the first time I use the bass and two notes in a same place of the same instrument. Dont worry if you dont know this song, i will leave the link of it, so you can do the comparison. The sequence contains only the first part of the song. Anyways, enjoy and give feedback :D!

Army of Me - Going Through Changes:
Online Sequencer:
Youtube (original song):
New stuff!
Hehe, well, this one was finished a long time ago, so i want to share it. This song has no percussions. Its focused only on the grand piano. This was my first high-length song (well .. its only about 4 minutes but in those times i thought it was long hehe). I wanted to upload this song to but there was something wrong with the audio. I will record it again. I think this is a beautiful song, even if it only has grand piano. I thought i would do only piano-only sequences for the rest of my life but i was wrong. With nothing more to say, enjoy the song and give feedback :D!

ctr34 - The Wish of the Desolated Princess ~ A Pure-hearted Knight:

Remember, if you cant run properly the song use the trick in my second post.
Finally, my last posted song is now on, if you want to listen it with better audio AND without having to do tricks in order to listen a non-paused sequence. My forte is the piano+percussion, so i will post more piano+percussion songs in the future.

Well, here goes the link:
A wild song appeared!

Hehe. well, jokes aside, i finished publishing another of my songs. I made a replica of this software ( in FLStudio using the DirectWave plugin, which means:
- No more lag and imprecisions in the notes due to my bad processor.
- No need of Internet to make sequences.
Now i can make high-quality high-accurate sequences, but it can be shown only in a mp3 format.

Now, about the song. This one is pretty powerful, which means that the onlinesequencer´s grand piano is not only for delicate and beautiful songs, is also for powerful high-speed melodies XD. Is a little bit repetitive at the beginning but dont worry, the powerful part starts at the middle. Im going to post the mp3 ( and the sequence ( of this one. So, enjoy and give comments if you liked or not the song so i can improve my works!

ctr34 - Beat the Last Boss On the First Attempt!:
Online Sequencer (sequence):
Newgrounds (mp3):

P.D: Remember, if you want to hear the song and you cant run the secuence properly i suggest you to enter on the Newgrounds link. Is just the same sequence but in mp3 and better audio.
OMG! How did you put all that? By clicking one by one like me? Huh

Would take a month or two...

Great masterpiece if not so stressful, hehehe! Well the last boss should be hard to beat. Smile
(11-14-2016, 11:38 AM)mysticswe Wrote: [ -> ]OMG! How did you put all that? By clicking one by one like me? Huh

Would take a month or two...

Great masterpiece if not so stressful, hehehe! Well the last boss should be hard to beat. Smile

Hehehe, actually i just copied a bunch of notes on the lower side of the board using the different tools of the OS:

At the right side of the name of your song there are 4 tools:
-draw: to write notes
-select: you can use it to click and drag to select a bunch of notes
-erase: to erase notes :V, also you can do it by using the right click while using the draw tool, even you can drag to clear more notes easily
-play from here: click in any part of your song to start the sequence from there

At the left side of the "save/share/export" button there are 6 tools:
-cut: erase a bunch of selected notes, and then if you want them back you must use the paste button
-copy: copies a bunch of selected notes
-paste: pastes the previously copied or cut notes.
-select all: select all your notes, except the ones you locked
-zoom in/out: modulate the size of your board

At the left of the previously mentioned tools there is a little "v" button. This is the "show options" button. By clicking it you can lock or unlock the instruments in your current sequence. That means, when an instrument is locked you cant move their notes. This is useful when you re working with a lot of tools and you want to move or modify just the notes of other instrument. Locking an instrument DOESNT mute it.

Here is another trick!: If you want to cut or copy notes from a sequence and paste them in OTHER sequence (other board) you only have to:
-select the notes
-click the cut or copy button
-go to the other sequence you want to paste your notes
-press ctrl+v on the board

I hope this might help you.

And thanks for your support, im going to post more powerful high-speed progressive songs in the future!
☢ CAUTION! ☢ : If you are dragging a lot of selected notes (like 350 for example) be COMPLETELY SURE that you are putting them on the place you want, because if you deselect the notes in the wrong place it can be very difficult (stressful) to place them back to the right place. Possibly could ruin your current sequence. If this happens is better to dont save your work.
Thank you! I need time to study all the info Smile
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