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Full Version: Where are the save options?
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I am new in here!

I drew a short melody, but I am unable to find to save options, so I would like to know how to save a melody. Also, I would like to ask whether or not this is the appropriated forum to ask other people to help me identify the melody.

There is a button at the top right corner of the screen that says "Save/Share/Export." This will save your songs, and post it to the site for all to see. You can access and edit your song at any time.
Thanks. I had to maximize the ecran in order to be able to find the save options. But now I have another problem: Some note (of 1/2 lenght) that could before be placed in some place, now can't be placed on that same place anymore, but only a little bit to the right or to the left. What should be done, so I could place it in the place I want?
The grid down to the left should be set to 1/2 as well to make it possible to place the 1/2 notes properly. Same for each length.
Let's try:

Does anyone know what's the name of this melody?
Oh I thought it was same as what happened to me.

I know that notes, especially the 1/2 notes sometimes cannot be placed where I wanted it be so I
had to replace a few notes or choose 1/4 instead. But since you said that you could place it at the
same place before I don't know. Someone with more experience may help you later.

Ah you edited your post.... I'm lost, hehehe!
mysticswe, the problem is solved, the solution is exactly what you just said now.

Please help identify the melody.
Good because I was lost twice :D

Sorry I don't recognize the song.