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Full Version: Update Log
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I should probably post the updates here now that people actually use the forums.

Today: Added undo/redo! Use Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y. I also added keyboard shortcuts for select all, copy, and cut.

Thank you Smile
Since today I have auto-sliding notes. Is this a new feature? How can I snap notes to grid again?
No that's a bug Tounge
Ok, if I approximate the grid, the note gets saved =]
This isn't any remarkable update for the site in general, but Jacob_ has fixed any collisions that used to be in the forum code.

That includes any copy-pasting mishaps, re-implementing some tools that the moderators couldn't use, as well as the quote button, which works fine now.

The best thing I can get out of this is that he fixed the Rate button and the Reputation score. I think it is a good idea that we should be encouraged to somehow draw which people make contributions to the site and reward statistic feedback for that without necessarily having to explain why. Four of the five people on the "Most reputations" list are dead already, assuming that the "Rate" button lost its functionality a long time ago.
This will help me so much in the future, especially once I actually get better with sequencing.
Because Jacob doesn't even use this thread even if this is supposed to be an update log, I shall post in his place.

As of June 4 2017, several major and long awaited for things have been added.

Four 8-bit instruments have been added due to popular request on the forums, and can now be used in your sequences. A thing to note about these instruments is that they respect note lengths and actually sound longer, instead of look longer. We still have a long way to go about applying the same thing to the original instruments, but for now, we'd like to see you experiment with the new ones.

A thing to note about the 8-bit instruments is that using multiple 8-bit instruments may cause a performance issue for some, and sounds will stutter and/or fail to play the rest of the sequence.

If you head to the drop down menu next to the 'highlight this instrument' button, you will see a grey square, a D (for delay) and R (for reverb).

[Image: WEzKj3L]

If you drag the grey square from left to right, the velocity (volume) of specified instrument will change. Note that this applies to the entire instrument, and not specific notes. This will fix any volume problems with the imbalance of certain instruments, and removes the need to stack notes of the same instrument on top of each other.

Delay and Reverb (for those of you who don't use a VST) are modifiers that will affect how the instrument sounds. Delay will produce the sort of "Echo! ..Echo! ...Echo!" effect while Reverb will make the note sound more wet, for a lack of a less perverse word to describe the change.

A thing to note is that Reverb is still a little buggy to some users, kicking in 3 seconds after a note is played, but hopefully that would be changed soon.
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