Which feature would you like to see the most?

Better collaboration (not real time editing, but multiple sequence owners+version history)
14 vote(s) (48.28%)
Alex!, AmAnAesthete, bork, Crimson, EtherBot, Firebolt391d, gax, Jonah, Kirbyderp, MTN-HNG, UTComposer, Vladimirr, Xlikeseek, XStep

Update design and user interface
8 vote(s) (27.59%)
Arselin Ten, Cringe_Gaming_64yt, Guest, MarkPD, Pricerocks, Syntax, Viku, ♩♪♫♪♬♩♩

Attempt to reduce lag (no promises)
7 vote(s) (24.14%)
a, asdf :], Becky, blobertthebob, Lopyt, Risviltsov, Ti

Total: 29 vote(s) (100%)
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