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pretty sure they've told you why they won't: if everyone on os uses and uploads whatever samples they want, it would take up ridiculous amounts of bandwidth and storage
(07-23-2021, 04:40 PM)Jacob_ Wrote:  We already simplify the interface some for mobile, what else would you do?I only have two ideas for the interface: first is a dropdown for the title and ctea...
Just an idea: For the mobile site, maybe add a simplified view of the sequence or have an option to play audio only forĀ better listening.
hi milo i would say welcome but youve been here since 2017 lol
this isn't how linking accounts works
oops havent posted here yet lol remixing ok but notify me, absolutely no reposting
day 784 of using online sequencer. i wanted to start using PCM in my sequences and so i asked robo to guide me how to use the console. she starts to look at me strangely and puts her hand on my lap, w...
bc i talked with u before??? i remember lots of things
its not for me, its for you, lol

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