My name is Phil and I am just here to look for nice people who might be willing to compose any midi for me. At this time,
I cannot afford commissions so I only accept free midis, sorry guys and hope you understand.

Most of the midis I wanted are short and simple but some might be a little bit complicated if you're not that experienced.
While I could compose midi songs on FL Studio via recording, I cannot find the usb equipment I need to compose music with FL Studio.
I can however download midi and remix.

Most of the midi songs that I am looking for are mostly underrated music that can be somewhat hard to find
if none of the sites have it or no program to extract a certain song from a video game via emulator yet.

As a new user who signed up for the very first time here, I would like to know where is it okay for me to post midi requests? Let me know and have a good day!

Best regards


Well since there is no commission, my quality of work will be greatly diminished. But I'll help

Hello fellow kirby fan, welcome to OS!

(05-02-2019, 04:05 AM)Kirbyderp Wrote:  Hello fellow kirby fan, welcome to OS!

I'm terribly sorry, I'm more less than you think here. I just come here in hopes with finding someone else who can do the midis that I wanted. I don't have the equipment nor do I have the time with composing midi and I am currently working on games and comics on my plate. I hope you understand and have a good one!

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