Fox Tails - The Remixes

Hi there! I'm Dylan Fox, writer of the song [url=]Fox Tails[/url]! I know there are lots of great artists out there, and if you would like to remix my song, feel free to!

Current Remixes:
[url=]Fox Tails - (XSTEP Remix)[/url]
[url=]Fox Tails - (Crimson Remix)[/url]
[url=]Fox Tails - (Flonk & Fox Remix)[/url]
[url=]Fox Tails - (XSTEP's "Kurama" Remix)[/url]

If you make a remix, send me a link to it in a PM and I'll put it here!

If you would like to make a remix of the new and final version of Fox Tails, [url=]Fox Tails (Extended)[/url], PM me a link to it and I'll put it down here.

Current Extended Remixes:
None! :c


I think it is also interesting how many different iterations the song went through before these final versions were made.
I thought I might list them out!

- The most recent "finished" version of the song is at #506477

- The first iteration of the song that was actually title "Fox Tails" is at #506401

...Aand it all originates from #506225 - the very, very first ever iteration of the song
Amazing how such a small song went so far!
Amazing job Fox!

[Image: WHyTBWC.gif]

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