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(11-01-2018, 02:39 AM)The Pinkie Wrote:  mysticswe i saw you everywhere Heh


I would make original to the contest but I'm not so sure about this one: [url=]Autumn 1of 2_WIP[/url]

Where have I heard it before?  Nervous

100% of PM space used - I wonder how many kB is 100%? 

If you cannot send me private messages it's because the PM box is full. There's many messages I wanted to save but I don't have time to
find it now. Also messages will drown fast in the chat, I will probably miss it. PM is good if we want to discuss songs or help each other.
And sometimes one should be able to ask a "stupid question" not for the whole world to see Wink

Wait I could start with to delete buddy request messages and similar...
Yup! I thought it didn't work at first but after I emptied the trash can there's now 10% available space! Smile

Added more to [url=]Autumn 1 of 2[/url] but I'm not done just yet.

Now the sectret is - not to add too much Oops

[url=]Autumn 2 of 2_(New try)_WIP[/url]

The previous failure of Autumn 2 of 2 is now renamed to [url=]Test194_V1_966343[/url]

Maybe someday I will make it better  ZZzzZ

I thought 194 was a failure... 
My brother thought that [url=]Test194_V1_966343[/url] is better than the two Autumn songs that I was about to post in the November contest
Also he thought that [url=]Autumn 2 of 2[/url] is better than [url=]Autumn 1 of 2[/url]. So I might have to replace Autumn 1 of 2 with Test 194 before I post
anything (before Nov. 21). If I do I just change the titles. The taste is different eveywhere, I don't really know what to do right now.

I will probably keep the two songs for the contest because there's a lot of 8-bit Sine in [url=]Test 194[/url]. Or what should I do?

I will buy a new computer soon. Maybe I will have it tomorrow already but it depends if the are going to build it for me.
If all the stuff I need is available at the store already I will build it myself, I've built 3 computers myself already so I know.
It's like xmas in advance, a nice feeling. At the same time I'm thinking about 1000 of things, must try to calm down.
When it's done finally I hope that I won't have much problem with the sound anymore.

Edit: I've ordered an expensive computer last Saturday Now 10. I'm going to build the computer myself to save some
money but I'm getting nervous already because the last time was more than 10 years ago. Many parts wasn't in stock
so I will have to wait 2-3 weeks.

Hey hop  Upside_down

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