Academic Science Writings

Science... In Academic Science Classes we will study these sorts of subjects. Here's a free of charge lesson. Let us inspect black holes.

***** is a black hole. His radius is 0,3 AU (1 AU = distance from earth to sun) long, and his 'accretion disk' (the particles that have not yet gone into the black hole) form a disk shape with a radius of 20 AU, as huge as the largest stars. ***** himself, if you don't count all the objects that are orbiting him, weigh as much as 10 billion of our sun. The enormous gravity causes the "accretion disk' to spin 80% of the speed of light. This makes ***** a very dangerous black hole. ***** is in the center of our galaxy, and physicists have theories that our galaxy was created when star-material over 6 billion years ago started to orbit around *****. Thus, ***** is the largest black hole we know of. Without him, a large part of our galaxy would spread out when Svens gravity no longer holds it together. Thank *****, your eternal fat helps us to hold this galaxy together.

You stole my job as well...

Without the blinding melancholy may no majestic colorful worlds be born.

Have some computer science.

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