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Some folks have expressed difficulty in getting OS to render my sequences, so I'm starting to upload them to YouTube too.

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Sono Pacífico Minha Pomba (lofi)
My first original composition on OS; written as a birthday present for my wife.  Started out with a scratchy vinyl bossa nova backing track.  Then went 60s wall of sound, verdant, wrap-you-up-in-a-big-green-blanket lush.  Used a variety of short emulated "samples".

Crunch Time
Late 80's / Early 90's throwback.  Reminds me of an arcade/roller rink visit.  Or a buddy cop show, intro credits theme.

The View From Here

Breath of the Night - Vlad Original (4P1S Ep2)
Alex is doing an OS version of 4 Producers 1 Sample, and this was my submission for the 2nd episode.

Shifting Through
Very low BPM for delay goodness, variable 8-bit durations to emulate a Leslie speaker, and a whole crud ton of hi-hats.

Slumber, Sound
This song came to me in a deep sleep.  I woke up and wrote it down right away..

OS Blues Jam
A mega collab with 7 contributors.  Finally, blues on OS!

The Hope Of A Forgotten Age
Chill electronic piece

A Moment Of Reflection
Started writing this on what would have been my youngest sister's 34th birthday.   Every year, over 12 million people are affected by domestic violence.  You're not alone: https://www.thehotline.org/help/help-for...nd-family/

South Florida Sundown
Super chill lofi with a catchy hook.

Into Azure Skies
An original piano piece that I came up with over two nights.

Up In Flames
An original piece sampling some Soul songs, in 90's hip hop style.
Honorable Mention in the September 2019 Monthly Contest
For more information and the real-life remix, see this OS post

From Despair To Hope
When I originally did Crunch Time, I tried to do a piano part at the end inspired by Void's stuff.  Lucky enough, Void saw that, liked it, and improved the heck out of it.  Then Lucent came in made it even better.  Somehow an 80s retro theme became a symphonic waltz.

Dry Out
A chillhop original by me.  Written in about an hour, when I was listening to the leaky shower in a hotel room.
Plug in some good headphones, close your eyes, and groove to the offtempo while you Dry Out.
1st Place in the September 2019 Monthly Contest

Milky Way Chill
Needs a system with good bass.  I wanted to start with a sample that was just slightly too short to fit in a measure, something that skipped like a record.  Edited the first measures by hand in Notepad for custom timing.  I've tried that a few other times but I think I'm finally happy with the effect. As for subject matter, the Milky Way galaxy seems like good inspiration for a chill-themed song.  Tried to get some space-y sounds in here.  Tuned to CM to even get melodious notes out of the 808 drums (see meas. 41).  Tons of instrument stacking for desired timbre. Lots of dynamic fades, including combined synth+low flute fade-ins on bass line.
2nd Place in the November 2019 Monthly Contest

The Trick Is On You
Original piece made for the 2019 Halloween contest.  Ultra-low BPM to give that ethereal, long-delay echo.  Jangly, and slightly deranged.  Off-timed pad sweeps. A focus on dissonance which emphasizes the harmonious chords. Some delay timing trickery to make the beat more complicated than it really is. Lots of tension and release, but it ends right as you're almost over the bridge, and doesn't end well for you.
1st Place in the October 2019 Monthly Contest

Somewhere (gazx and vlad collab)
Collab sequence with the legendary gazx.  My first shot at making a sequence with someone else.

Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 playthrough
Different than most 8-bit covers in that it includes gameplay sound effects.  
3rd Place in the August 2019 Monthly Contest

[Image: vlad-cp.gif]
    GB        M     SKY    C       OS       SF

lag warning: lots of notes and reverb

[Image: vlad-cp.gif]
    GB        M     SKY    C       OS       SF

Added Into The Thick Of It - Secret Of Mana (SNES version)

[Image: vlad-cp.gif]
    GB        M     SKY    C       OS       SF

[Image: vlad-cp.gif]
    GB        M     SKY    C       OS       SF

sono pacífico minha pomba
My attempt at lofi and my first original composition on OS; written as a birthday present for my wife.

[Image: vlad-cp.gif]
    GB        M     SKY    C       OS       SF

Shevat, The Wind Is Calling - Xenogears (Yasunori Mitsuda)
Yes, I know it's a billion notes but I was trying to get the dynamics down plus approximate timbre of human vocalization.

[Image: vlad-cp.gif]
    GB        M     SKY    C       OS       SF

I need to listen to that one

I made a vocalization challenge too if you want to join it

Please send me any songs you would like feedback or editing on the messager in the Online Sequencer

My YouTube channel:

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Tried to emulate some gameplay near the end

[Image: vlad-cp.gif]
    GB        M     SKY    C       OS       SF

Tried to emulate some gameplay through the whole thing...

[Image: vlad-cp.gif]
    GB        M     SKY    C       OS       SF

Spirit of the Night

Secret of Mana (PS4 remake) - The PS4 version expands on the original, tried to get a little of that vocal quality in here too. Finished after like 3 months as WIP

[Image: vlad-cp.gif]
    GB        M     SKY    C       OS       SF

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