The name'sĀ Godot. I've actually been using this website for a while, and it's only today that I've decided to create an account and share my work under a name. I'm an aspiring pianist who's still a bit rusty with the aspect of theory and all, but I'm getting there.

I can't see this message.

I'm in the same boat; I've been using OS for a while but I just created an account. My music theory is one of my strengths, but I need to work on memorizing my flat key signatures.

yo, wus good my manz
i may not be the most knowledgeable person wen it comes to music, but i won't doubt my percussion. if you need percussion, just pm me Wink. but more importantly, i look forward to seeing your stuff.

Hey hey hey, the name's Abby, and I am skilled highschool musician who doesn't give a sh*t about pre-calculus. I'm very good at finding the exact tempo in any piece of music, but I have got a few problems with which note I should use when I'm composing. This actually happened once,"Should I use a 1/16 note, or a 1/8 note?"

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