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Welp, I finally decided to do it.
Please do not repost any of these or remix them without permission.

Welcome to my song Archive, where you can find most of my songs!

It is divided into 5 main sections:

Click on each sections name in this post to be taken directly to that section!

Also, I might do remakes of songs if they hit a certain number of views (but that depends on my schedule and overall ambition for that song).

So sit back and happy listening!


If you were to listen to any of my songs, start here!

Mega Medley!
(WAY too much time was spent doing this)

Kirb Plays PvZ

Pokemon, I Choose YOU!!!

World Contest Fast Swing! [REMASTERED]

Number One Mix:

Calm Music! [REMASTERED]

Field of Hopes and Dreams!

UTComposer's Pinball!

Does this make me siIvagunner?
Unlooped Version:
Looped Version:

Space Battle! [REMASTERED]

Adventure Song! [REMASTERED]

Sniper Assassin! [REMASTERED]

Water Planet Aquarius!

Mallow Castle!

Candy Mountain!

Kirby on the Draw!

Heavy Lobster!

Computer Virus!

Green Greens!
Now Remastered!
Old Version: 

Subs and Views!
Now Remastered!
Old Version (not going to finish): 

Faxon the Wolf Digitized!
Original Faxon the Wolf by Jay2k

Bones of Integrity!
Now Remastered!

Hudson's Adventure Island!


Dedede Super Star Ultra Version!
A different version made by UTComposer was made as a gift for me (the latest version of it is here --> ).
The main remix:
The hero remix:

Rainbow Road but it's Hacked by Waluigi!

2 Year Account Anniversary Medley!

Waluigi Pinball and Death by Glamour Mashup!

Scifi Music!

Sequenced Anomalies Songs!
Derp Village:
Derp Shop:
Derp Shop (Reference Version):

The First Sign of Spring!

Tweet Tweet Tweet + Springtrousle!

The First Sign of Spring styled like Death by Glamour!

A Tune!

A song for Magnadeus' Challenge!

Markiplier Warm-up Remix!

Undyne's Wrath!


Castlevania Bloody Tears Remix!

Adventure Song!

Under the Water (smb1)!

Gourmet Greens!

Gourmet Race!


Straight up creativity in the works here!

Spring in the Early 1900's

World Contest Entries!

Autumn Stroll!

Spooopy Music!

Songs fully or partially made with no sound!

dᴉlᴉԀ Music!
Menu Screen: 
Gameboard Music:

Single Octave Challenge Song!

In My Dreams!

New Guitar Test!

Lucent, is this what you call a "rush piano"????

Human Hunting Song!

Song for the 192 Notes or less challenge!

Song for the Name Contest!

Random chords!
(I can't even find the forum post that this was for) 

New Instrument (when xylophone and harp were new) Test!

Morse Code Song!


CDEFG Only Song!

Creepy Music!
With chords:
Without Chords:

Song for the Make a Song in 3 Minutes Challenge!

When Harpsichord was Added!

An attempt at Metal Music!

Calm Music!
With Intro:

Just a Song!

Piece for a Project!

A random WIP!

The Skrub Song (cancelled)!

A Dreary Song!

Partially Originals!

The middleground, a place where great things happen!

UWOh!! Songs!

Calming Space Music!
(Song based on one of my friend's (in real life) songs: )


Birds are Singing, Flowers are Blooming (on (probably) permanent hiatus)!

Original Melodies with a Dogsong Accompaniment!

SMB3 Level 1 Theme with Piano Add-ons!

Piece Together Contest Entry!

Piano Add-ons!


Putting my own spin on things!

The Ants Go Marching...

NSMB DS Desert Theme!

Spoopy Grandtrousle

Der Verwalter

The Best Day Ever (on hiatus)!

(Maybe I'll continue this sometime)

Friend Requests!

All I have time for right now (might continue later)!

Carol of the Bells Remix!

Get Rickrolled, but Jazzy!

When you're bored and have no internet!

A Your Best Friend Remix!

Toad House Midi Art!

***** Au's (on hiatus)!

Hannukah Song Remix!
With forced dreidel remix:

Disbelief Remix!

Death By Friendliness Pellets (on (probably) permanent hiatus)!

Mafiatale Spider Dance (might continue later)!

Spider Dance!

Christmas Medley!

Frosty the Snowman!

Death By Synths (waiting for a good saxaphone)!

Underswap Bonetrousle!

Something from one of the songs involving Asriel!

Happy Birthday Remix!

Llama Song!

Sans Epsilon!

Some Undertale Songs (keyswapped)!


Mega Medley 2 (cancelled)!

Undertale Mashup Medley (cancelled)!

Break My Mind Remix (on (probably) permanent hiatus)!

I could listen to this all day (~ ¯▼¯)~

It's a long story.....


Amazing songs can come from teamwork!

Project N.E.O (with UTComposer)!

A Collab With No Name (with Josh and Treven55)!


The sequences that don't quite fit into any other category!

Joke Sequences:
(Just some sequences I did because they were funny)

Test Sequences:
Testing out the saxaphone:
Testing the delay feature:
Overlap Tests:
Testing out delay and reverb:

Helping Others (either other users or friends in real life)!

Black Midi??
(original by UTComposer, made with permission)

Drumming Practice!

To Do List
This is a comprehensive list of all of the things that I want to make in the future or still have left to do.
Candy Mountain + Waluigi Pinball

Things to Finish
UWOh!! Such Unused!??!! (ON HIATUS: waiting for an OS update)
Rainbow Road but hacked by Waluigi
Pilip Battle Music

Things that I will get to
Kirby Super Star Ultra Album! (Pt. 1)
[url=]A Grand Opening! (Music 000) [/url]
[url=]Green Greens (Music 006) [/url]
Just Another boss Battle (Music 009)
[url=]DEDEDE That's the Name You Should Know! (Music 012) [/url]
[url=]Don't Get Caught Sleeping! (Mallow Castle, Music 020) ✓[/url]
[url=]Climbing to the Nest (Candy Mountain, Music 022) ✓[/url]
Gourmet Racing! (Music 033 &034)
A Nice Minecart Interlude (Music 041)
[url=]Bringing it Retro Style! (Computer Virus, Music 043) ✓[/url]
The Mode of Final Boss Music (Music 027)
Storm the Halberd! (Music 048)
[url=]"We Can't fail again! Release Heavy Lobster!" (Music 051) ✓[/url]
Abandon Ship!! (Music 055)
The Fall of the Halberd (Music 056)

Kirby Super Star Ultra Album! (Pt. 2)
Load Your Save (Music 001)
Grass Planet Floria (Music 019)
[url=]Beam Powerup Acquired! (Water Planet Aquarius) (Music 050) ✓[/url]
Cave Planet Cavius (Music 021)
Wait...why do I have to destroy NOVA? (Music 062)
Save Popstar! (Marx's Theme, Music 064)
A Triumphant Return (Music 065)
[url=]A Nice Break Before Seeing the King Again (Kirby on the Draw, Music 075) [/url]
[url=]HE GOT A BLIMP?!?!? (Aerial Fortress Kabula, Music 086) [/url]
"Our grudge will be settled at last..." (Masked Dedede, Music 087)
A Defeated King... (Music 088)
Meta Knight's Wish (Galacta Knight Theme, Music 097)
Choose You're Helper (Music 091)
Not as hard as Helper to Hero 100% (True Arena Intro Cutscene, Music 100)
The Grand Finale (Staff Roll, Music 066)
Laugh it Off With Friends (Bloopers, Music 108)

Things that I want to get to (High Priority)
Do some songs for the elemental Contest (not really a contest)

Things that would be neat if I got to it (Low Priority)
Kirby music but sounds like pirates of the carribean

Note that this might not be everything. This is all that I can think of right now. I'll add more as I think of it.

Try and remix this one, UTComposer! :3

I lost my inspiration...

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