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The Last Game

The last person to comment on this thread wins!

Kim Wrote: + Doesnt take peopel serious if their has badly speling gramer puntuatin

I win from 7:48 PM until whenever the next person posts.

I win till someone wakes up tomorrow probably

Oh cool, so I'm a winner right now.
Too bad that time increases along with the expansion of the universe :/
Ah, well.

A message to my future self:
Please figure out a way to tear a hole in space time so that you can step back into this time period again, so that you can be a winner again!
my past self

you know I could probably just close the thread again so I win automatically but then I did that last time and I don't feel like it


haHA! Now I'm beating lucent.



no u

n‍‍‍‍‍o i

#1 victory royale incoming. Face my trap card!
Person below has mega gay
This post is immune to all reflectors, and pierces any shields.
Resistance is futile and whatnot

I want tea. Give me the delectable plant water.
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