Galaxy DX E. Piano

I would like to see a Galaxy DX E. Piano-like added to the instruments list. You know, the popular Rhodes-like sound heavily used in the 80's.

Samples of this sound:

Not sure if this is possible with the current online sequencer where sustain/variable note  length isn't  implemented (since actual samples are used for the instruments). But still would like to have an instrument similar to or close in sound to the Galaxy DX.

i've actually been considering replacing one of the yet-to-be-enabled instruments, so this isn't a complete no. but for now, i think we've got all the instruments we need.


i too have suggested this sound and am in full support of it, even though it seems the mods/developer prefer to wait for the next batch(es) of instruments.

I was able to come close to this sound by combining the Electric Piano and Vibraphone. The result was pretty decent, and well, better than nothing I guess.

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