Total Redesign of the UI


After four hours of work,  Bigeyes  I have managed to come up with a much better-looking UI layout for the program. I hope that you are able to implement it!! 

Here is the link:

As you can see, there are a few new things. For one, there is a little bell icon on the upper right. This is to notify any replies either in the CHAT, or in the FORUM.
I have removed the SEQUENCES, and the MEMBERS tab for both should be on the soon-to-come homepage, and the sequences created by other people OR the same guy are going to be just above the comment section, which is also in a new spot. There is a little Info sign in the right [i]  . This is meant to tell how many likes a sequence has, the amount of views it currently has, AAAAND a custom description created by the composer which I hope will be added soon. It should also include links to inspirations/remixes of the song.

Don't forget the new ABOUT page. Currently, there is a little description of the website just below the program. It uses up precious space, and I hope to move it over to a new tab.

I have left room for the banner. (You're welcome.)

As for the grid length, song import, and so on, I think they should be put in a separate settings window similar to the chat. The settings can be accessed by a button located on the bottom left, lying on the black bar. 

If this seems really stupid to you, keep in mind: I'm thirteen. Most things we do are very stupid... soooo.... yeaaaahhh... K.

I hope you take my suggestion seriously, OS is my favorite website to mess around on. I just think there are a few weeds I think should be pulled from the garden. Why else would I waste so much time putting together a picture?!

Cheers!  Angel

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This is what the original plan for the UI was:

[Image: qtfrokE.png]

so if anything (and i say that, cause it's not likely,) this will probably be the one that gets chosen


Wait, what's R2?

What about having the dropdown menus be semi-transparent?

Such as this crude example

it'd be cool if you could create os playlists.

Also d, you should use a more appealing font. The one ableton uses is very aesthetically pleasing.

(11-18-2018, 02:33 PM)Guest Wrote:  Also d, you should use a more appealing font. The one ableton uses is very aesthetically pleasing.

I disagree. Its a little harder to read

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