Share Your Best Sequences or Share Any Sequence You Have Made.

Most work put in to get it to sound exactly like I wanted:

My first serious sequence, and first attempt to get more sounds out of OS than it's meant to make. Main portion of song starts at measure 30. Guitar and saw solos starting at measure 43. It's long for a Vlad sequence, but worth a listen (I think).

Highest ranking in a contest:

Personal favorite, for personal reasons:

[Image: vlad-cp.gif]
    GB        M     SKY    C       OS       SF

І Ѧꭑ ѦƁУδδ.

the earliest sequence i can remember editing is cburger, that was before i made my account though

I'm proud of a lot of my songs when I probably shouldn't be. There are a ton of flaws but I'm still proud of what I have and hope I can improve in the future.

My Final Roar actually was a test to see what I could do with interesting chords and epic melodies. I guess it turned out better than expected and is somehow my favorite despite it being a test. I actually wrote lyrics for this but, like, I have a bad mic so it could never work.

This one was one I sort of try-harded on.. I wanted to recreate the feeling of DM DOKURO's Flight of the Beezlebub and ended up making this. I just think it sounds nice.

I mean. Come on. I'm not even joking either I'd call this my magnum opus. You think this is a meme? Hah! Of course not. I never meme.

Anyway that's all thanks for taking the time to read this Tounge

Random song I've made

Fun fact: This song has been recreated from a song I made on an old site I used, Chrome Music Lab.
Then I discovered this site, and it's 1000x better.

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