2019 May Monthly Contest

[Image: avatar_2740.png?dateline=1556629097] Hello Online Sequencer! Sorry for the delayed reveal, I was only just able to connect to the internet......

Anyway, let's get to the winners! There were a lot of entries this time, and so many of them were great!

In first place we have [url=]Ballad of Bullfrogs[/url] by Lumien! Congratulations, you'll be getting 5 points on the Grand Leaderboard!

In second place we have [url=]The Voyage Begins[/url] by CaptainPresto! Great job, you'll be getting 4 points on the Grand Leaderboard!

In third place we have [url=]Test267[/url] by mysticswe! Good job, you'll be getting 3 points on the Grand Leaderboard!

We also have 2 honorable mentions! Each person who earned them will be getting 1 point on the Grand Leaderboard!

[url=]Bit-Jabdah[/url] by Doublepower and [url=]Sunset Village[/url] by Julesvpraag!

A huge thank you to everyone who participated this month! We look forward to seeing any future contest entries you make!

Also: there might be a bit of a delay in the next monthly contest being announced. If it gets delayed for a day or more, don't worry, the entry period will still be 3 weeks long.


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