Corrupt a Wish

(05-30-2019, 03:55 PM)Void Wrote:  Corrupt a wish: For example, there is a example below.
Example 1:
I wish I had a donut.
Granted, but you only get the hole.

Well be creative and have fun with this game.

I wish roblox was not money hungry anymore.
Corrupt my wish.

Rules: You can't say "Not Granted".

Wish granted, But only pennies.

(05-31-2019, 05:16 PM)LucentTear Wrote:  
(05-31-2019, 03:11 PM)Jonah Wrote:  
(05-31-2019, 02:56 PM)LucentTear Wrote:  
(05-30-2019, 08:34 PM)Frank Wrote:  corrupt this
i wsh ur mum werent gey

Granted, but she gave birth to you.

I wish my anime husband came to life.
Corrupt this.

ur anime husband came to life but hes abusive and beats you and your kids. also he has a lot of weird fetishes that you find disgusting, but forces them on you.

i wish i was smart

Wish granted, but you're too smart you only know how to go deep into someone without hurting them and that's no fun.

I wish I can hold hands with someone.
Corrupt this.

wish granted, but you're holding hands with me -w-

i wish i could eat anything and not gain weight/fat
corrupt my wish


you lose weight and fat as if you are anorexic, and when you don't eat, you gain fat.

I wish I could remember the tune that i had in mind last night that was keeping me awake with the fear that i would forget it (which i did) so i could make it on OS

Granted, however once you post it on chat, everyone goes after you.

I wish I could become some sort of hellish creature with a lot of weird interests and fetishes that everyone says is weird.

Weaponized ADHD personified.

Granted, but because of the worlds sinful nature, everyone hates weird things, so everyone hates you... :/

i wish i could get Sea of Thieves on my Mac without any framerate or loading issues. (i just REALLY want that game SO bad!)

Granted, but you got physically teleported into the game forever.

I wish ALL of my original characters came to life.

(08-13-2020, 09:26 AM)KatieMakesThings Wrote:  Granted, but you got physically teleported into the game forever.

I wish ALL of my original characters came to life.
Granted, but they all hate you and have a bloodlust.

Dylan J. Fox (ControlKey) (IM NOT RELATED TO FOX)

You forgot to make a wish

I wish I could reverse any corruption on any of my wishes. (Try to corrupt that!)

My pfp is TOTALLY not all smug faced! just like is TOTALLY not a 4th rickroll!

Granted, but you can no longer make any wishes forever, and you are stuck with what you wished for, previously. After death, you will also suffer in a really bad afterlife for the equivalent of billions of Earth years before you are freed from it.

I wish my friend and his former friend (his best friend and the only person he has ever really had romantic feelings for) would reunite as friends right now, and would stay friends for the rest of their lives, and in any afterlife after death.

I am one of Jacob's earliest players, going back to late December of 2010, with Buildism!

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