song id

can you please id this song?

i don't originally composed this song. it's an old song, unknown to me, but it was a little faster and the instrument was saxophone not piano. and this is only the start, the music is longer. anyone knows this? thanks.

I'd post to r/tipofmytoungue, they even shout out OS in the guidelines as a good site to use for helping others id a song for you.
[Image: unknown.png?width=277&height=300]

Kim Wrote: + Doesnt take peopel serious if their has badly speling gramer puntuatin

i don't know what happen. maybe something with my microfone/audio device, because vocaroo won't work, nor online voice recorder or any other program...

I can help you to get an audio file if needed. If you post to another website, like Reddit, you can also simply just post the actual link to the sequence

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