Stupid question but what do things sound like?

This is going to sound weird but I haven't heard any songs in over 2 years. I hate listening to any recorded noise, it distresses me very much. I compose songs but I don't listen to them, the notes are just there in my head and I transfer them onto this website (originally I used Noteflight but I reached my score limit so I came here instead).

So, uh... what do the electronic instruments sound like? Synth can sound like literally anything ever so idk what to expect.

Thank you and sorry for being an idiot.

Ragtime Piano is a heavily chorused version of the other pianos.

Acoustic Guitar is a guitar pluck that decays in about a second. It's a little muddy if you try to strum out a chord but it's OK arpeggiated.

Jazz Guitar is a clean bright guitar pluck that decays in about a second and is great for general purpose usage.

Electric Guitar is a slightly distorted single pluck that decays in about two seconds, lengthening the note does have an effect, the default quarter note has a slight click at the end where it clips the sound.

Muted E-Guitar is a pluck as well, but of fixed duration.

Distortion Guitar is a distorted pluck of fixed duration, with harmonics.

Flute decays in about three seconds, but it's another one of the rare notes where lengthening the note has an effect. (Most do not). It has a pleasant vibrato and lends itself well to stacking. There is a significant click if the sample clips (i.e. doesn't reach full duration), but that can be good or bad based on desired effect.

Smooth Synth is a warm one-second pad sound with a gentle attack and decay.
Synth Pluck is cooler than Smooth.

Scifi sounds sort of like Jazz Guitar with a phase sweep.

The rest sound about like what you'd expect based on description.

All of the 8-bit sounds support nearly unlimited duration (if you want to make a note last a measure or more), but are the only notes that don't support stacking for dynamics.

Warning: If you just transcribe a song or import from MIDI, it'll sound.... OK I guess. Academically you may have composed a great song that will sound good out in the real world.

One of the biggest skills to have with OS, though, is using the timbre of the rendered notes to your advantage. Combining different things to make new sounds. I think most of the art that happens here is when people tune and adjust and tweak the specific sounds coming out of the Online Sequencer, to really make their sequence evoke something in the listener.

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I assume you tried all genres to listen to? I can't see how Tangerine Dream or Pink Floyd could be distressing

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