Video game music competition (with sort of a prize!)

Well, it’s over. The final results of the music competition are in, and it’s time to decide a winner! With all of the contributions, it was extremely hard to pick favorites. But I managed to do it as hard as it was…

Before we start, let me just say thank you to everyone who willingly gave music to enhance the gaming experience for this project. Music has always been a high priority with my projects, and all of you have set the bar higher for that priority. With each sequence, I will carefully choose what scenario each track will be used for, some of which has already been decided! Again, thank you all SO MUCH for helping me with my dream project; I’ll never forget your talents!

Anyway, enough feelings, time to get serious and professional! *clears throat*

Here is the list of the competitors that had eligible music:

-"Big Brother 8"
-Ethan Murri (EtherBot)
-“Arselin Ten”

So, in order to decide who had the best sequence(s) submitted, I judged each one with the following criteria:

-The unique uses of instruments
-The note layout and it’s collaboration with the tempo
-Music duration and each “phase” of the music that stops it from being redundant
-Amount of music contributed (although this hardy makes a difference)
-The availability the tune of the music gives for making it work with most gameplay scenarios

The top 3 winners all mastered the criteria for this challenge. They each put hard work that ended up perfectly for a video game scenario, or any scenario for that matter. And I’m not saying that the other non-placement sequence creators didn’t do well, you all did amazing work, it’s just that the top 3 did the best. I mean no discrimination against anyone who submitted music.

Before I announce the winners, here are some notes you all might want to know:

1. Each track used has a different name in my game instead of the original sequence’s name. Each MP3 file has your username or given name imprinted into it.

2. I have made some instrument changes to some of the sequences, but I’ve saved the original sequence too. If my remixed version is used, your original track will be used too. Only the original tracks count as eligible for the competition, NOT my remixed versions!

3. Your music might not be used in the first patch of the game. The game contains updates, so if your music isn’t used in version 1.0, it will be used in a future update. I may want to use most of the 8-bit tracks for a second project I’ve already started FYI.

SO… it’s time to announce the winners!!! For each user, I will explain which sequence made them win, why I liked it so much, what it’s going to be used for, and the sequence’s new name that will be given for the game.

In 3rd place, we have ChaosTheProtogen for his sequence “midnight”. This one caught on to me because it has a great intro that really give the feel of an 8-bit video game made in modern times. The placement of each note and the up and down slurs with the 8-bit square was a cool concept to use, especially since it’s recreation was so well.

I’m calling this music “Thanasima”. Thanasima is an optional boss fight you can find underground, who is a hybrid of a woman, a dragon, and a chameleon. The music paired with a less story-oriented boss works well since the music is dramatic but not scary enough to scare low-leveled players. Thanasima is likely going to be encountered first, so the music will be a great introduction to the game’s entire boss fight soundtrack. Awesome job ChaosTheProtogen, you’ve earned 3rd place!

In 2nd place, we have Sir_Guy for his sequence “In a cave” (Inacave). I really liked this one for it’s note layout. While the choice of instruments were simple, the notes placed change atmosphere of the tune in an instant. It starts off making the player think “Ooh, I wander what this place is”, then it changes to a “Wow, this room looks like a fun place” kind of feel.

The music will be called “Relics and What-not”. It’s used as a moving tent shop that sells the most random out-of-place items that could possibly be useful to the player. I choose this music for that because the music is extremely joyful to listen to while making conversation with the store owner and making deals to save resources and money. Plus, with the music’s long duration and uniqueness throughout the entire track, I think players will LOVE hearing your little tune each time they come to the shop for something. Heck, they might just come for the music. Excellent work Sir_Guy, you’ve earned 2nd place!

Ok, it was very hard choosing who would be 1st. Everyone did so well, but only one can be the winner. I didn’t know which sequence I liked the most, but then one was submitted that caught my attention…

In 1st place, the winner of this contest is… Xstep, for his sequence “jazzpump”! This track was one the best battle themes I received. As soon as the sequence was over, I thought, “Woah, I’m going to have to make a pretty cool or mysterious boss to work with this jazzy battle theme”! The music starts off with a ragtime-piano beginning with some jazzy percussion, then it changes to an upbeat and dramatic but jazzy battle theme. It gives off a feeling of being rushed, giving the urge to defeat the enemy before it defeats you! Plus, in the middle of the track, it shifts to a classic RPG-style tune that sounds unique because of its choice of instruments. The guitar and violin playing the same notes are the cherry on the sundae!

The music will be titled “Snap an Alternative”. It’s used for a boss fight against a sly, quick bladed cloth-covered assassin who has a gimmick for alternating things the way he wants, whether it’s emotions, colors, speeds, and even time. The fight is also timed for 2:30, so if you run out of time, you’re dead. This theme will work perfectly for the fast-percussion music the battle is assigned too. If this music goes popular all over the internet, trust me, it will be the next ***** (but not annoying at all). Extreme congratulations Xstep, you have WON THE CONTEST!!!

The winning sequence:

And there you have it! The top 3 winners of the video game music contest! Xstep will be given a special thanks in the credits and his user name referenced in the game (Xstep could make an awesome name for an electronic device!). Every composition will be used in the game and each author of the sequence(s) will be credited. For the top 3 winners, if you want to work out a deal for music trade or a collaboration, my ears are open. If you want a music trade, I can send it to you via an MP3 file (and it may not be music from Online Sequencer, I’ve used other programs before).

Lastly, I have some notes for a few users: Xstep, CrimsonSkyfall, and EtherBot. If your name is not mentioned here, you nothing else here to see, and I’d like to say thank you once again for making this project sooooo much easier for me and have a nice evening! (:

-Dear Xstep: I heard some of your other sequences, and they sound amazing! May I use most of them for the game, with full credit still of course? Your fast paced sequences are perfect for more battle music, and I could really use some of that.

-Dear CrimsonSkyfall: May I use some of your other sequences? I really like your style, it’s perfect for an open world game (if I had to choose 4th place, I would choose you btw, (: ). You could certainly be my main source of music actually. With all of your pre-made tracks, using your beautiful compositions would make things so much easier for me, and I think players would love your style of music. Is it ok if I use some of your other ones, with full credit?

-Dear EtherBot: Thank you for being the only person to submit their real name! It makes crediting so much easier, and it will be helpful for the future too. Plus, if one of your compositions go viral from my game, everyone will know the true name of the artist. Thanks for making things easier, and thank you for the special little tune you sent, I’d love to hear a full version sometime! (:


1st: Xstep (jazzpump)

2nd: Sir_Guy (In a cave / Inacave)

3rd: ChaosTheProtgen (midnight)

yeah sure, if the appropriate credit is given, i'm completely fine with you using my other sequences
also as for a real name Daniel B. Jr. works
thank you!

[waiting for the bus in the rain, in the rain, wai- waiting for the bus in the rain]

-Dear CrimsonSkyfall: May I use some of your other sequences? I really like your style, it’s perfect for an open world game (if I had to choose 4th place, I would choose you btw, (: ). You could certainly be my main source of music actually. With all of your pre-made tracks, using your beautiful compositions would make things so much easier for me, and I think players would love your style of music. Is it ok if I use some of your other ones, with full credit?


Without the blinding melancholy may no majestic colorful worlds be born.

Uhm can I enter, my whole collection is game music

Yes I make and cover gaming music

(09-18-2019, 06:02 AM)Julesvpraag Wrote:  Uhm can I enter, my whole collection is game music
The contest is over, but if you have original game music you've created, I can still add it in and credit it for you

Shoot, this had a lot of replies

I'm glad you liked Inacave!

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