About my electro stuff...
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I don't get why you guys prefer stuff like:

To the stuff I actually put time into, like

Not only do I not listen to electro music, I don't put any effort into the creation of such things. Is the genre really that simple that someone WHO DOESN'T KNOW THE MUSIC can create it without trying?! 

If you're going to listen to my crap music, please listen to the decent stuff as well.

Please send me any songs you would like feedback or editing on the messager in the Online Sequencer

My YouTube channel:

My music:


I find that my sequences that I put a ton of work into, or get really emotionally attached to, quite often end up being the least popular... and the ones I threw together end up getting more views.

I think that's just the state of music in 2019 in general.  If you want stuff to get listened to a bunch of times, you have to hook people early and then either keep it interesting or keep it short.  The long, complicated stuff is for you, not them.  (Unless you can work it out where it's something people listen to in the background while doing something else).

Also, metal (and rock in general) is at like an all time low for popularity right now.

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That's really odd. I found that the songs that I care about the most get the most views. Also those 3 songs are hard to load.

All of them are hard to load :D

It's not that I want people to listen to this, it's just strange to see your masterpiece under your experiments


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