Greetings Humans!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Tay, and I am so grateful that I found this online sequencer + community. I love listening to the random/ popular creations, and I am excited to contribute.

Bit about me: I love music and have a passion for beat-making. Grew up playing the drums, and I'm always tapping a beat out wherever I am (ADHD?)  I dig anything rhythmic, tribal, funky, and deep. I have NO music theory knowledge, and want to learn how to play chords, and make melodies to add to my beats. Always up for tips + collaboration.

I am not sure about remix etiquette, but here is a remix of a random track I found on here: germmove3.mid (idk who made it, but THANKS). 

Question: is the Discord the place to be?

Looking forward to making music and new friends!

Welcome to Online Sequencer! It's always good to see friendly new faces around!

Hey! I'm not a human? Uhm I mean... Welcome!

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