New newbie

Hi ppl,

Nice to meet you all.  I am a total newbie here, no clue how to make music, but I am happy to discover what can I learn.


Press the grid to add notes. Try to keep them eqal distances from each other horizontally to start, but move, add or remove them where it feels necessary.

Probably you are going to use a key as well, try A minor or D minor or C major. (see the key guide?)

Drums screw people up, so just do cymbal: 10001000, kick: 10000000, and snare: 00001000 (1 is a note, 0 is no note) and repeat it

A good thing to note is do what sounds right, not necessarily what looks right. If you think something will sound good, add it and see. If it doesn't you can always remove it

Hope you enjoy OnlineSequencer!

Please send me any songs you would like feedback or editing on the messager in the Online Sequencer

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