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Looking for moderators

You've probably noticed the recent increase in forum spam and people drawing inappropriate body parts on the sequencer. If anyone would like to volunteer to help clean up, reply here! It's not a commitment or anything, just gives you the ability to delete anything bad you come across. Smile

Jacob, I noticed that we couldn't reply to your forum regarding the moderators. You should try to fix it. But anyways, yeah, sure, I could try to be one, since I've seen the most disturbing things that people have been creating. (People think they're so funny when they do that) Oh, and recently I've seen these posts about some fashion advertisement, when I tried to click one of the links though, it sent me to this website that has been closed down due to it selling counterfeit products. I'm pretty sure some people have seen it, but no one is discussing it right now. This has to stop. This is something else entirely. Please, Jacob, quickly get some moderators before this website is doomed. Sad

ye jacob, i could not reply too,
i would like you to reomve those spam/advertisement posts
especially from my thread
and the others ofc

I think I fixed the replying problem. Jay, if you click the forum called "Admin Link" at the bottom, you should see a delete button on every sequence now.

I also added another anti-bot security measure to the registration page, maybe it will help.

Thank you, Jacob. Smile

Certainly. I've been dedicated to OnlineSequencer for a while and was active on the reddit for a while. Cleaning it up is certainly an interest of mine.

I make the bad sequences go away. Angel

Been doing good!

I make the bad sequences go away. Angel

I immediately fell in love with r/addtomytune I just want to put my hat in as a moderator there. I'm on several times everyday and I would love to help keep it fun and awesome. Pm me on reddit u/djbadname13 if you want, thanks.

Can you add chat moderators? If you do, I volunteer to be one!

If you were a bloon, wouldn't you rather be popped then wither away into an undignified husk? Since bloons can't talk, I'll guess we never know.


So do I.

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