i know nothing about music theory but i try making covers by ear and composing original songs anyway
[url=]autumn showers[/url] and [url=]days grow dark[/url] are the only sequences i've finished so far, but i hope i can make more soon!

Welcome to Online Sequencer! It's always good to see new friendly faces around. Don't worry about not knowing any music theory, I'm sure a lot of people here don't know much of it (myself included), and besides, you don't need to know it to make good sequences anyway!

Welcome to Online Sequencer! I am BuildistGuard, and I have no knowledge of music theory either, and I haven't even composed any sequences here!

On the other hand, the creator of this website, Jacob_, I've known since 2010 due to playing one of Jacob_'s other games, Buildism/2DWorlds, along with partaking briefly with Vexillum (but being a terrible person against Jacob_ and Vexillum back in the summer of 2013) and Jacob_'s Minecraft server. Jacob is really talented, and I admire Jacob_ a lot!

I am one of Jacob's earliest players, going back to late December of 2010, with Buildism!

If you're tired of hearing about racism, imagine how exhausted some people are of experiencing it.

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