2020 June Monthly Contest

  Second entry

It is still the 21st, 11:50pm EST Time so does it still count? Doesn't matter to me either way.


sorry hope im not too late

Never stop twinkling darling Cool

if its not too late


(06-22-2020, 06:56 AM)lilirei Wrote:  
sorry hope im not too late

bumb Wrote: if its not too late

The latest you can enter sequences is on the 21st of each month at 11:59 PM EST.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=215] Hello Online Sequencer! It's time to announce the June Monthly Contest winners!

As always, a big thanks to all who participated in the contest!

In first place we have Squids! by Syntax. Congratulations, you'll be getting 5 points on the Grand Leaderboard!

In second place we have Pixelated Pathways by Tibbinator. Great job, you'll be getting 4 points on the Grand Leaderboard!

In third place we have 8-bit Theme of the Underworld by Pricerocks. Nice job, you'll be getting 3 points on the Grand Leaderboard!

We also have a few honorable mentions! Congratulations to everyone listed below. You'll all be getting 1 point on the Grand Leaderboard.

See you all tomorrow at next month's contest!


This month's contest was really difficult to judge, as there were so many really good ones to compare. I think overall this final placement works out really well.
Good job to all!

Who won?? animita aniyo Cheese

Let the young guys win, never mind about me Wink

Are there a senior contest?  Angel

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