How do I use this with importing MP3 or WAV files?

I can't seem to see anything happening when I drag/drop a MP3 or WAV file into the Sequencer. I need a program that provides music note information for some programming I'm doing. Please help. How do I use this program?

Remember to select the "Preview/Import" button once you've configured each channel to your liking. Once you've entered the preview editor, you are able to select every note using CTRL + A and use CTRL + C to copy data on every note present in the song. This data can be pasted as plaintext into a notepad.

The format is predictable, and I have provided a sample here:
Online Sequencer:564069:0 E5 1 8;1 E5 1 0;2 E5 1 17;

After the first 2 colons, there is a section of text that specifies each note's information: time position in 1/4 of a beat, pitch, length of time note is held (each unit is 1/4 of a beat), and instrument respectively.

MP3 and WAV cant be converted to MIDI through this software. Best bet is to get someone who has a good musical ear to transpose it for you. Wish you best of luck

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#4 aha! mp3 to midi although it will be all one track

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