please write lucent x wafels fanfiction

I really like this one. Its nice and short. It feels like one of those short stories that could be analyzed in literature class and could reveal some strange, hidden meaning.

*Edit: The AI Dungeon text is now italicized, whereas my own text is not*

Two great warriors were destined to find each other and create a kingdom of their own. But neither of them knew of the other. LucentTear and Wafels both ventured through the wilderness alone, until one fateful night. They met in the middle of it all.

They fought for days, but eventually they found themselves at an impasse. Their weapons were no match for each other's magical abilities.
LucentTear was convinced that she could defeat Wafels and kill him once and for all. She had been preparing herself for this moment her whole life. She would not fail.

But Wafels was prepared. He had spent years perfecting his magic, and he knew when to unleash it most effectively.
Lucent ran and swung her sword at Wafels. He dodged it and hit her with a bolt of lightning, throwing her to the ground.

"I can't fight you!" she yelled as she clutched her chest.
"It's over,"

Wafels walked up to Lucent as she fell to the ground. He aimed his wand at her and was about to fire
but then suddenly, Lucent flung a leg up at him, and Wafels was forced down to the ground alongside Lucent.

"I'm sorry, my love," she said.
And then the bolt hit her as well.

Wafels struggled to get up, but Lucent was on him before he could.

Lucent was about to strike Wafels down with her fist. But then, suddenly, she stopped. Something about Wafels seemed strangely familiar.
Wafels recoiled in anticipation of the punch, but then relaxed. He opened his eyes and their gaze met. Wafels stared at Lucent. She was a beautiful warrior, with bright glistening eyes. He was in love.

They kissed.

Afterwards, they continued to fight. It had been so long since either of them had felt this.

This time, their fighting was far more passionate. And yet neither of them would ever be able to beat the other - they were equally matched.

They fell to the ground, clutching each other in a death grip, as the life drained out of them.
And then they exploded with such fury that it destroyed most of the forest.

The essence of their souls in the explosion resonated outside of the forest, out into the atmosphere, washing the entire world with their life force.
And so, for a moment, the world was bright with the joy of their meeting.

But eventually, the glow faded, and their bodies burned to ash.

The End.




It was a crisp autumn afternoon. The wind tangled Lucent's long, dark hair as she watched the orange and brown leaves dance in the breeze. She wrapped her scarf a little tighter around her neck and shuddered. It was getting colder and colder every evening that spiraled into the incoming winter. Lucent increased her pace. As twilight fell around her, she could see lights in the distance.

She had walked this path countless times. She was only retracing her steps now. Going back to where she belonged. Where her heart longed for her to be.

She was going back to him.


It was a crisp autumn evening. Wafels was relaxing in his favorite armchair by the fireplace. He sipped from a coffee mug and glanced at the clock on the wall. He was waiting for something. Or in actuality... he was waiting for someone...

Lucent shivered in the bitter cold. Her scarf fluttered in the evening breeze. The light were growing closer, and closer. The autumn air around her grew colder, but the internal glow of her heart kept her warm. She was almost there. To him. To her final destination.

Wafels stretched and stood up from his armchair, nursing his cup of coffee to is chest. Reluctantly leaving the comfort of the fireplace, he wandered off to the window illuminating his front porch.

"She should be here any minute now..." Wafels murmured to himself. Once again, he stole a glance at the clock on the wall
"What could be keeping her? I better go find her." Waf turned and grabbed a long, black coat hanging from a coat stand. He shrugged it on and disappeared into the night.


What do you mean? Could you give me some feedback, then?


Wafels squinted into the darkness. His long coat did little to keep out the chill. Dusk had fully come and gone, and now all it had left behind was its shadow. Wafels growled and tied his hair up into a bun.

"Lucent, damn it. You're going to freeze to death if I don't find you."

Wafels continued to shuffle through into the woods. He had unknowingly strayed off the main path and was stumbling through the brush. Time passed. Minutes? Hours? Wafels had no idea, only that it had gotten awfully dark and awfully cold. He breathed into his hands and vigorously rubbed them together, slapping them against his thighs for circulation. He could only think of how much longer Lucent had been out in the woods than he had been... and how he had to find her - fast.

Waf took a deep breath and squared his shoulders.


He waited.

Silence greeted him with its ominous welcome.

"Life is short. Death is temporary. Love is eternal."

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