2020 July Monthly Contest

[Image: attachment.php?aid=215] Hello Online Sequencer! It's time to announce the July Monthly Contest winners!

As always, a big thanks to all who participated in the contest!

In first place we have Last Prayer, Last Judgement by XStep. Congratulations, you'll be getting 5 points on the Grand Leaderboard!

In second place we have Lost Love Avenger by JHXC. Great job, you'll be getting 4 points on the Grand Leaderboard!

In third place we have July Contest 2 by Lopyt. Nice job, you'll be getting 3 points on the Grand Leaderboard!

We also have a few honorable mentions! Congratulations to everyone listed below. You'll all be getting 1 point on the Grand Leaderboard.

See you all tomorrow at next month's contest!


i knew xstep was gonna win lol

"is that your music? there are so many colors- good god, how do you understand it?" -my mother



Whee! Good job everyone!

Please send me any songs you would like feedback or editing on the messager in the Online Sequencer

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My music:

I was rooting for by AmAnAesthete's "eff" to be nominated for honorable, but it was too late in the month before that happened.
Good job to all, and sorry Aesthete that you didn't place anywhere, I thought your sequence was one of the better non-winners.

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