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Hey, my name is RuleEmpire! You guys probably know me. I don't know alot about you guys. I want to be caught up in this community! Please leave a bio about yourself below you would like! I'll go first! The stuff underlined is optional.
My name is RuleEmpire (a.k.a Liam Savage)
I am 13 years old.
I like writing music (obviously), I like playing piano, building stuff (lego), art, cycling and working out.
I am kind, funny but also very cursed.
My favorite music genre is Rock.
My top 5 songs that I've written are:     
Obviously my bio isnt good but I'm short on time. I just want to know about you guys because I'm not very informed on the os community. Bye!

hI I II im lUCENt uWu i AM a moderater of online sequencer!!!!!1 eyem 13 yrs old and ilk



Hey, My name is Alex Wang.

I currently live in the Canadian city of Toronto.

I am 17 years old and I am going into the University of Lethbridge for Bachelors in Music, Digital Audio Arts Major.

I have always loved music.

I have the weirdest sense of humor.

Also I am a mod here so thats something eh?

also as a canadian, WE RARELY SAY EH!

Thats all.

The Music Man that has no life

Heyo! I'm Esperanza, real name Toby, and I currently live in northern England. I'm 17 years old, and I enjoy making music, listening to music, writing stuff, and sports (Leeds United is best team, you can't convince me otherwise). Lowkey I'm also quite a big history enthusiast

Favourite music... idk, I listen to all sorts of music, but I particularly like Latin rock, new wave, synthpop, tbh anything from the 1980s, my favourite bands/singers include the likes of Depeche Mode, Soda Stereo, Caifanes, Duran Duran, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Enanitos Verdes, Bee Gees, Pet Shop Boys, Mar de Copas, Double, and New Order

Online I'm either mundane, a naive airhead, or just hella weird, depending on my mood, I can find humour in the most random stuff. In real life, I'm much more shy and reserved, and probably even more of an airhead than I am online

Oh, and I have a bad habit of ending sentences or messages with "lol" or "xD"... lol xD

Hello... I am Edison Villes

E. Villes for short

I live in a tent in the forest where I also do sacrifices

I am 30 years old but actually I am an ancient prophet of the underworld and I am actually 2000 years old, just I have now awakened.

I work in an umpopular and secret religious institution known for its practises of sacrifice and permanent membership. (Despite what you think, it is absolutely not a cult). I also like to bring my Truth to others so they can see my Enlighnenment and join my organization. (Nobody even refuses my offers who are still alive!)

I also like to make sure people respect me by means of fear. Once a person told me I was intimidating, so I stared at them angrily until they apologized.

I have many ambitions, the biggest being a ruler of a country, or all of them. I also have a plan to achieve this goal that I feel I should not discuss or else someone may foil my plans

My favorite music? Our religion denies us from listening to amy music as it may lead one to not worship as effectively or work ad efficiently.

One day, I will achieve my goal of becoming the Supreme Leader, so it is a good idea to start supporting me now... Or be dealt with accordingly

Oh, and I have a bad habit of being friendly when I feel happy, I guess I should work on that

Please send me any songs you would like feedback or editing on the messager in the Online Sequencer

My YouTube channel:

My music:

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