AMA with a twist

Captain is good though, go on board and enjoy

(08-06-2020, 08:11 AM)PuzzlePuddles Wrote:  why can't you just admit your love for torture? we all know its true
It's a running joke between us, I like him as a friend Smile

I'm not a furry I swear.

"running joke", the only thing running is you, away from your lust for xstep

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this thread isnt going the way it should... presto is trying to decipher who your crush really is

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hey what about me

oh i'm TOTALLY a furry

this is sparta

If you could time travel to the past and/or the future and change time, where and/or when would you go to, and why?

I am one of Jacob's earliest players, going back to late December of 2010, with Buildism!

If you're tired of hearing about racism, imagine how exhausted some people are of experiencing it.

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