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Three small tweaks I would make

1. Require mute reason

I got muted for twenty minutes on the day before this writing and I have absolutely no clue why. I don't know what I said earlier that caused me to be muted, and there was no helpful written reason why. I'm not saying this is a technical issue, nor am I saying that it is something that has to be added. I'm just saying this is something that maybe the moderators could start doing. 

2. Playlists

There have been two suggestions matching this that I know of, one was on a thread for not serious suggestions and another, earlier on, that was replied with "This is not YouTube." I just want to get the point of this across. The thread for suggestions was not serious and most likely ignored by the admin(s?), but I do like the idea, and "This is not YouTube,"??? Seriously?? So OS can't have playlists because they are on YouTube? Playlists are also on other things that are music/video related, not only YouTube, and it would make sense to have. basically, there would maybe be a "create playlist" button perhaps in the navigational bar and when you click on that you could add sequences to it like you do with your featured sequences list. This would have to be something you need an account for so it knows who created the playlist so only they could edit it. Also, playlists could show on your OS page between your featured sequences list and your overall sequences list.

3. A link from your FORUM page to your OS page.

We already have vice versa, so why not this? Other than that, the title says it all.

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