Please refrain from excessively brooding in the chat + moderator apology.



Do not take anything I say here personally against me, I am satisfied enough personally with your community apology, but Alex has stated he is not.

He has stated that you have not written an apology to him, and wishes you to do so. Personally I feel that you apologizing was fine enough for me as I had nothing against you as an individual, however this does not mean that the amendment signers feel the same.

Also please note that Alex has agreed to me sending this reply, and that I also agree with his point of view, but at the same time I am not personally against you.

      if:[drama], then:[walk awayyyyheyyyheyyy]

Should os have different chatrooms in the future? Also do note that even lucent tends to start a conversation unrelated to music. Anyways chatrooms are great for sorting

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