Katie’s almost 1 year anniversary

So I’ve been using using this site for about a year now, but I made my account less than a year ago and I never got to fully introduce myself on this forum!

I’m KMT, and I make a lot of random things on OS, most of which are original, some of which actually become great, complete sequences. Even though I consider making music as a hobby, I plan on releasing some songs in the future with actual written lyrics, I just need to polish up on my skills. I have big dreams in the future as a (traditional/digital) artist, such as releasing my own web comic, and other hidden, secret projects!

Thank you guys for all the support over the last several months Smile

You’re a shoe, you’re a shoe you’re a shoe.

Bravo Katie  Blush

Howo to make good music? Heh Eggplant

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