no way to record? am I missing something?

I can play on my keyboard, but no way to hit record on the sequencer. seems like something that would help if you come up with something nice and would rather play it instead of clicking in a bunch of boxes.

Now, don't lop off my head if I'm wrong because I don't run anything like Online Sequencer, nor have I attempted to

I would imagine if you wanted a MIDI keyboard input, using a browser for that would probably be prone to error or lag causing a slower process than if you were to install free midi composing software where it would respond very quickly? Then there's also the fact that it would require alot of extra code stuff which would increase loading time since it would have to be able to recognize the pitch and value and such such of the notes, and unlike keyboards, or a computer mouse, there's no set size/amount of keys per MIDI keyboard ;v; However, I myself don't own a MIDI keyboard for personal use, so again, I could be wrong. It would perhaps be possible with adobe flash as opposed to straight up html and other webpage coding, but then mobile users would be screwed over :p
Okay so I took a quick glance through the HTML for the site and nevermind what I said before- I didn't realize they already put in the work for qwerty input- you'll have to let me know on MIDI input recognition. It just seems that they need to figure how to implement a function which would either record the pattern or values of whatever you press once you hit record, and implement them either once it registers the action, or once record was hit again to stop the recording, which, with a bit of work, fiddling with button placement and such, could certainly be done. As for whether or not it's a priority is another subject- it can be done, but depending on what the rest of the coding looks like, could be tedious work which may be why it hasn't been done yet.

I don't know if I helped at all or just spewed random crap at you


Sad lol. i dont understand a word u just sed...

Is there no way to record the keyboard input directly? Or did this change until now? I could not find any button. thanks

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