is there any possible way to make it so you can download music directly from this website. im sure a lot of people would like that. if there is already a way to do this pls tell me :D :D

There's the download MIDI button, but that thing just downloads a jumbled mess. I just used recording software to "download" my music.


Ok thanks, what software do you use?

I just used bandicam, which is a great free screen recorder. It has settings so that you can save the audio track on your computer along with the video. takes you to the download site.

I'm not the best at giving instructions, but here's how to get to the setting to record an audio track:

You'll want to go to the video tab, and click the settings button underneath "record." A dialog box will come up, where you would click the sound tab. Right underneath, check the check-box that says "Save audio tracks while recording." When you're done recording, you can delete the video file, leaving you with the audio file left over.

*The only difference between the free and paid versions of Bandicam is that the free version has a watermark at the top of each video, and you are limited to 10 minutes of recording, which isn't really a big deal, since you don't have to see the watermark while listening to the songs, and It's unlikely any song here will last ten minutes long.


I use Audacity. It's a free audio recording program that has loads of after effects (reverb, wahwah, pitch/tempo control, etc.) and it's easy to use and a lot of fun.

I use Hypercam 2

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