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Lopyt is 57 years old, just shy of the wonderful age of 58. His elbows are his pride and joy, and he aspires to grow his hair out long. While he has a certain affinity for brussel sprouts, he never says so due to the possible ridicule from his fast-food oriented family. He owns a retro pale blue volkswagen beetle and a black ford mustang, but keeps them in a garage because he's too scared to take them out - so now they act as dust collectors. Tries to stay in shape but his lungs hurt after his daily 200 meter walk on the treadmill, compensates by flexing his elbows daily to the point of exhaustion. His social life consists of his stuffed animals and his elderly neighbors, as his parents are ashamed of his love for vegetables and elbow-upkeep oriented schedule and have stopped visiting him at the mere age of eight. Lived inside of a kennel for a few years and ran away. Somehow surviving and making a living for himself, he enjoys doing what he loves, which include scaring the small children that live on his street and pensively gazing at his elbows in the mirror. He recounts his many feats across his years, which include walking down the stairs, receiving many compliments on his elbows, and creating the jazziest song to ever be heard on OnlineSequencer, an unknown corner of the internet where he decides is his new home. To Lopyt, life seems to be an endless cycle, one that he is surprisingly content with living in, and one that he sees himself living in for the forseeable future.

mm ꜱᴘɪᴄʏ

A stegosaurus enthusiast who composes music that is actually pretty decent (even though he says it sucks). Spends his time playing TF2 (is a soldier main). Screams at the top of his lungs (albeit RIGHTFULLY) about Overwatch being cringe at anyone why DARE TO EVEN MENTION IT. Eats pizza rolls all day and is a collage dropout.


A guy whose only letter is n and wants promotion of the letter n across the world.

r is a trollish 16yo that OCCASIONALLY lapses into caps and acts a bit obnoxious at times which may be funny. Friends are of a similar personality if not the same. Will say surreal things like "holy rat salad". bluh


A man with ambitions of grandiosity, a fame unmatched. For what, you may ask? Well, a toaster. Yeah. A fucking toaster. good luck with that one bucko :>

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r is a mysterious, but also slightly deranged serial killer who likes to shut themselves out from the world. They have a huge mugshot poster of Risviltsov and throw darts at his face in frustration for his affection towards their true senpai, Lopyt. They have a *****ing gun closet hidden inside a normal closet, a SPAS-12 and a pound of C4 stashed in their murdered out 2005 Ford Expedition, and have possibly the deepest, sickest fantasies of the world.

No one knows r's true motives for wanting Lopyt, but some say that r will stop at nothing to finally kill the living strand of decomposing flesh that is Risviltsov.

"Turn off your computer right now, and go outside and do something to change the world. Have fun."

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