Knew user, thought I'd say hi. Also need some opinions

Well, since you're already here I may as well give you some background on myself.
I have always had a fascination with music, however, have never been able to play any instruments. 
Also, technically I'm a retard (Autism, Dyslexia etc...) Maybe that's why I have stupid fingers/hands lol.
Having literally only played the drums once at age 10 or so, then immediately being told maybe my skills lay elsewhere lol

Either way, I sincerely hope all is well & good for you.

However, before you depart, I'd like to ask a small favour...

I'd love your opinion on my second ever attempt to compose anything;

Personally, I think it's not all that bad, given I know literally nothing about music.
(It's very short, only 17 notes total!)

(ID- 159107)
Thank you very much, 

The only thing I can say for now is try to make your sequences a bit longer to give more depth to your music. Try to come up with different variations. It doesn't sound bad, it just needs more...

It's not excatly bad but try listening to music on youtube with the synthesia videos so you can visualize the notes, it's not really about melody but it's more about overall form, if you get the right shape, that is get the notes to look good, then all you have to do is slightly tamper with the melody for it to sound good

does anyone have any idea how to delete your songs?

(06-04-2016, 11:33 AM)pokeLX Wrote:  does anyone have any idea how to delete your songs?

Contact a moderator Smile

I make the bad sequences go away. Angel

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