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Alright, so there have been a LOT of contests around lately, we all know that. They have, in a sense, followed a similar trend in that they mostly have similar concepts and prizes. However, this contest is slightly different. Basically, this is another idea to get people and songs recognized, but unlike my last thread (The masterpiece thread) this idea is far more competitive and geared more towards the best of the best, rather than people's own personal favorites.

Before I get started, I'll need a few judges to help me out before I get started. I'm not picky, I just need you to PM me saying you want to help out. Judges can participate, and they don't need to judge all songs (I'd like them to though, and I will) It's also okay to skip a month or two if something comes up. All they need to do is give me a list of the songs and give me a scoring of some sort that they judge. I will average them up and find which one came out on top.

Current judges:`
Jonah (Host)
The Cyberdetective

PM me if you want to become a judge!

The following is the order in which the contest will take place over the course of each month.

First: the judges and I will pick a theme for the month (E.g. seasonal, ominous, holidays, etc.)

Second: we will announce the theme and due dates and specific rules (If any) to everyone.

Third: You guys post your submissions in this thread and the judges and I will look over them each carefully for how well they stick to the theme, how creative the song is, how the public views the song, and how nice it is to listen to.

Finally: Myself or one of the judges will announce the winner + honorable mentions. The winner will be put into a special spot on this thread along with the theme and date of victory.

Sound good? Well, I need to state some things before we start. The following are simple things that you need to know.

1. Only post your submissions in this thread (If you are shy about it, PM it to me instead and I can share it with the judges via private message. But be warned, public view is important for winning).

2. All submissions must be sent in before the due date.

3. Using previously made songs is fine, but try to make them fit the theme.

4. You may enter the same song twice, that is not a problem.

5. Public view is an important factor in winning. If you'd like to, you can rate a song on the bottom right of the post that it was in. 

The following should be common sense, and will result in temporary suspension from SotM if you go against them.

1. Do not copy other's work. (If it's an accident, just say so.)

2. Do not insult other people's work. (Constructive criticism is allowed as long as it's appropriate.)

3. Do not spam or purposefully be rude on this thread.

Well, that's all I needed to say. I'm always open to new judges, just PM me if you want to become one and make me sure that you are trustworthy.It will start when the judges and I have chosen the theme for the first month.

UPDATE 6/1/16: Changed name to Song of the Week (SotW) Judges, PM what you want the next week's theme to be

[url=]Heartstrings ~complete~[/url]

Month of May 2016: 5/1/16 - 5/31/16

Theme: Creativity, as suggested by Muhngkee

This month's theme is creativity. The due date is 5/29/16.
You are permitted to submit any song previously made or not that was made by you as long as you believe it fits the category.
After the 29th the judges and I will decide which song is the song of the month, and it will be announced on the 31st along with all honorable mentions.

To submit a song, post it in this thread. All submissions will be looked over thoroughly.

You are encouraged to give feedback for the songs by either replying to the posts or rating the post.

I will try to answer all questions, so feel free to ask.

Good luck to all!

How about this one?

i made this. i am a huge undertale fan so:  [url=][/url]

combination of a whole bunch of music from undertale!  :D

This is one I made before I made my account. What could be more creative than some solos?
I present to you:
Erivan Dance!

TFW temporary Avatars


What brings about more creativity than office coffee :D


Creativity is the theme? I don't understand.

:heart: CUTE

(05-03-2016, 03:10 PM)Seriously 2.0 Wrote:  Creativity is the theme? I don't understand.

Basically submit anything you'd like for this theme; Small things that make the song better, even slightly, are what will help you win this time. 

It is a very generic theme and one that would only really work once, which is why I made it the first month's theme.

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