New, but I made songs!

Hello Everyone,

I just started using this program on Monday evening, I didn't know what i was doing at first, but after about 8-9 hours of play, I arranged two video game songs by ear.  Just to be clear, I do not own these songs, I merely arranged them.  The first song I made the first time I used the program, but I didn't know how the whole saving songs thing worked.  I registered and then was able to save it, but i had to make alterations to some instruments.
The one posted here is the original sequence i created before i registered.  See my profile for updated versions.  The second one,  I completed earlier this night.

Dungeon Theme - Zelda II         By Akito Nakatsuka

Fiddle de Chocobo - FFVII          By Nobuo Uematsu

You may have to turn up your volume to hear all of the instruments, the bass and acoustic guitar get covered up at low volume.
I will continue to arrange more video game music when i have the time.  The game and the song will be entirely at whim, but i hope you enjoy what put out there.

They sound very nice Smile

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