All of the WIPs (Works in progress) that I'll never finish

As you can tell by the title, these are all the songs I've never showed anyone, the only way you could've heard them is if you for some reason intentionally looked for them.

But the point of this is not to show all the songs that I've made, it's that I have made a ton of these melodies or "half songs" (I have nearly 300 sequences saved and less than ten I consider songs) and I'll never complete them. So, I'm putting them out to the public so that other people can use them if they want.

In other words, anything I post here is unprotected by copyright and I in fact want you guys to use them. I just want to see what can come out of these, if that happens to be nothing, so be it.

<----- Based off of black midis. My most recent one. The messiest one here.
<----- Here's a nice fantasy song intro. It's in C Major, but you can change that to fit songs in other keys by moving it up or down as needed.
<----- This is one of the many that I first played on piano and THEN put on here
<----- Not sure why I made this or where it would fit in a song, but here.
<----- I don't know what to say about this one. Pretty much your average WIP.
<----- I feel like this is more of an idea of a song than even a WIP...
<----- I made this when it was hailing outside (Hence the name)
<----- The most complete half-song here. I'm only adding it because I've gone months without updating it, and I can't call this unorganized blob a song.

(I'll add more when I'm not so tired...)

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