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Details about me:

1. I don't care what you think about me.
2. My music is rubbish.
3. I'm highly political.
4. [Redacted due to offensive content]
5. Conservatism is good
6. [Redacted due to offensive content]
7. [Redacted due to offensive content]
8. All tracks are from my early highschool days when I didn't know the difference between 4/4 and 6/8 rythem
9. I still don't know what 6/8 timing is.
10. The top bands of all time are: (In no order)
- Scorpions
- Slim Dusty
- Toto
- Foo Fighters
11. I never respond to messages.
12. If you are still reading this, go outside.
13. Climate change is real. Human caused climate change is a myth. Climate goals will kill us all.
14. [Redacted due to offensive content]
15. Anyone who thinks Israel is in the wrong, has no grasp on reality and is entirely deluded.
16. FLStudio is the best DAW
17. Intel > AMD
18. Potato > Intel.
19. ChatGPT knows your passwords.
20. Congratufrugulations you made it to the end. Here is an anti-climax for your enjoyment.
21. Bread.