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I am male and I do music for fun on random occasions, usually on weekends.

If anyone wants a specific tune composed, let me know by commenting. It takes some time to get it finished, so it will be a WIP when you recieve it.

Most of the sequences you see on my account are not entirely made by me. I usually play with them or fix them for fun.

I'm mostly active on weekends, like I said earlier. If you request a song when I am inactive, I will make it as soon as I am active again.

I sometimes go Funy mode and start messing with my grammar, so that's why my English sometimes "sounds broken". The same also applies to some of my sequences.

I usually experiment with MiDis and mess around with them or fix them to make them sound better. The same applies to some of my sequences, again.

Do not swear in front of me, as my account is family-friendly. I sometimes use placeholder words like "frick" which is usually suitable for audiences aged 8 and above. If you do swear at me and send negative comments to me, those will be removed.

Be sure not to steal my sequences, as many people have stolen MANY of my sequences before (usually anonymous users). If you do, I will then screw the stolen sequence up and the title will instead be "you stole sequence.!".

Most of the sequences on my old account (https://onlinesequencer.net/members/52921) are cringe. This was when I was at the worst age and did not know about OS that much. I am now a pro at creating sequences, so don't bother asking. (A 'lil BTW: Most people refrence Online Sequencer as "OS", which stands for Online Sequencer.)

Hope you enjoy my sequences. If you do not, do not comment and say negative things about it, as I've stated the rules of commenting before. If you break this rule your comment(s) will be deleted. I do not want to create spam influences.