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Instruments are the collections of sounds in Online Sequencer, which have different timbres and applications within the music. On the sequencer's piano roll, instruments are distinguished by their color. While Online Sequencer has 72 notes, the majority of Online Sequencer's instruments cannot play this entire range. Therefore, only instruments like pianos, vibraphones, music boxes, sitars, steel drums, and the 2023 drum kit can play all notes. There are currently 56 unique instruments arranged in 6 categories.

Instruments can me modified using their options and Clones can be created for different option configurations using the same instrument.

List of instruments

Instrument Instrument ID Category Sustain Range Notes
Electric Piano 43 Piano Yes C2—B7
Grand Piano 41 Piano Yes C2—B7
Harpsichord 17 Piano No G2—F7
Ragtime Piano 25 Piano No C2—B7
Music Box 26 Piano No C2—B7
Elec. Piano (Classic) 0 Piano No C2—B7
Grand Piano (Classic) 8 Piano No C2—B7
Drum Kit 2 Percussion (MIDI) No D#2—D#7
Electric Drum Kit 31 Percussion (MIDI) No D#2—D#7
Xylophone 19 Percussion (MIDI) No G4—A#7
Vibraphone 34 Percussion (MIDI) No C2—B7
Steel Drums 21 Percussion (MIDI) No C2—B7
8-Bit Drum Kit 39 Percussion (Classic) No G2—C3
2013 Drum Kit 40 Percussion (Classic) No G2—A#4
808 Drum Kit 36 Percussion (Classic) No D#2—G#3
909 Drum Kit 42 Percussion (Classic) No D#2—A#3
2023 Drum Kit 53 Percussion (Classic) Yes C2—B7 convertToMarimba() can be used to convert other instruments into the appropriate drum notes.
Acoustic Guitar 1 Guitar No C2—B6
Electric Guitar 4 Guitar Partial C2—B6
Bass 48 Guitar Yes E2—C#5
Bass Guitar 54 Guitar Yes C2—B4
Bass Guitar (Classic) 5 Guitar No C2—B4
Slap Bass 29 Guitar No C2—G7
Jazz Guitar 32 Guitar No C2—B6
Muted E. Guitar 35 Guitar No G2—B6
Distortion Guitar 38 Guitar No G2—D7
Dist. Guitar (Sustain) 44 Guitar Yes C3—D7
Clean Guitar 49 Guitar Yes C2—E7
Sitar 22 Guitar No C2—B7
Koto 33 Guitar No C2—B7
Smooth Synth 52 Electronic Yes C2—B7 Replaced Smooth Synth (Classic) in the editor.
Synth Pluck 6 Electronic No C2—B6
Scifi 7 Electronic No C3—B7
8-Bit Sine 13 Electronic Yes C2—B7
8-Bit Square 14 Electronic Yes C2—B7
8-Bit Sawtooth 15 Electronic Yes C2—B7
8-Bit Triangle 16 Electronic Yes C2—B7
Pop Synth (Classic) 30 Electronic No C2—B7
Pop Synth (Sustain) 57 Electronic No C2—B7
Synth Bass (Classic) 27 Electronic No C2—B7
Synth Bass (Sustain) 56 Electronic No C2—B7
808 Bass 37 Electronic No G2—E4
French Horn 9 Orchestra No E3—B5
French Horn (Sustain) 50 Orchestra Yes C2—B6
Trombone 10 Orchestra No E3—G6
Trombone (Sustain) 51 Orchestra Yes C2—B6
Violin 11 Orchestra No G4—A#7
Violin (Sustain) 46 Orchestra Yes G4—A#7
Cello 12 Orchestra No C3—C6
Cello (Sustain) 45 Orchestra Yes C3—C6
Concert Harp 18 Orchestra No C3—B6
Pizzicato 20 Orchestra No C2—B7
Flute 23 Orchestra Partial C2—B7
Strings (Sustain) 47 Orchestra Yes C2—B7
Saxophone 24 Orchestra No C2—B7
Church Organ 28 Orchestra No C2—B7
Smooth Synth (Classic) 3 Hidden No C2—B6 Unsustained Smooth Synth used on legacy sequences. Hidden in the editor, but can be selected with selectInstrument(3).
Synthesizer 55 Synthesizer Yes C2—B7 : Adjustable waveform, filter, oscillation, and ASDR.
Cloned Instrument See notes Copies of Instruments created by Cloning.
Their ID can be found by NXXXX, where N is the number of the clone and XXXX is the ID of the original instrument padded to 4 places.
For example, 10043 is 'Electric Piano 2', while 210001 would be 'Acoustic Guitar 22'.