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Full Version: Midi Image CONTEST!!
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I give you a month to make the best damn midi image you can.
By midi image I mean a piece of music which, when zoomed out, looks like an object, landscape, artwork, pixel art, etc. of your choosing.

My example: [url=]Super Mario Bros 3 Airship theme[/url]

  • No inappropriate images
  • Try to make your image and song linked in some way (Optional Bonus)
  • Unlimited entries
  • NO EAR RAPE! (Intentionally causing harsh sounding dissonance)

#1: Muhngkee - [url=]From Sea to Land[/url]

#2: Crimson - [url=]Destiny[/url]

#3: Crimson - [url=]Climbing Hills[/url]

#4: Kirbyderp - [url=]Toad House[/url]

#5: ...

#6: ...

#7: ...

#8: ...

#9: ...

#10: ...
(04-23-2017, 11:03 AM)LucentTear Wrote: [ -> ]Something like this?

Yep. Or maybe something like this perhaps?
Prolonged deadline as there are no entries.

Why not be the first to enter?
My entry here: 

May look a bit abstract  :-/
I dicovered MIDI images thanks to you thanks Smile
No time limit now...

Just post them and I'll make a leaderboard of the best.
ugly moogle and terra :/
(07-08-2017, 06:35 AM)asdf Wrote: [ -> ] ugly moogle and terra :/

That is some good pixel art. But have you read the rules?
Here's an entry. Hope you like it!
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