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Full Version: Previous Monthly Contest Leaderboards
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[Image: avatar_1632.png?dateline=1537691382] It completely slipped our minds that we should have posted a leaderboard thread for the OS points.

Now that people are actually winning some, I will list the current contenders  below.

JHXC - 8 pts (Won the tiebreaker)

Firebolt391d - 8 pts

Julesvpraag - 7 pts


XStep - 6 pts
Lumien - 6 pts

Moopler Surprise - 5 pts
blobertthebob - 5 pts
UTComposer - 5 pts

DarastrixCrowl - 4 pts
dcsm - 4 pts

mysticswe - 3 pts

korwynkim - 2 points

"But Lucent, we don't even know these people in the top 3!!11!1 This leaderboard is unfair!"

Calm yourselves. Even I feel the leaderboard isn't balanced. We're going to see how to balance the points per contest after the first three months of the OS Events.

Meanwhile, we are also trying to make more events that we can add to the point counter so that can also provide opportunities to balance the scores.

For now, pat yourself on the back if you make it on here. Thank you for participating in the OS Events!

[Image: avatar_2740.png?dateline=1534443788]And now, with all of the points given out, it’s time to tally up all the points to see who wins the 2018 Beta Monthly Contests!

*insert drumroll*

The winner of the 2018 Beta Monthly Contests is JHXC! Congratulations! You’ll be contacted shortly about your prizes.

The second place winner of the 2018 Beta Monthly Contests is Firebolt391d! You’ll be receiving your prizes shortly.

The third place winner of the 2018 Beta Monthly Contests is Julesvpraag! You’ll be receiving your prizes shortly.

I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the 2018 Beta Monthly Contests this year! I hope you all look forward to the 2019 Monthly Contests that will soon come out.

Lastly, in case anyone wants to listen, here were the winning sequences for each monthly contest!
October: Unknown Ambitions by Moopler Surprise
November: Autumn by blobertthebob
December (Winter): Midnight Solstice by JHXC
December (Christmas): Frosty Visits Cool, Cool Mountain by UTComposer
December (Finale): Concealed the Conclusion by XStep